Scale your Amazon ads profitably with a dedicated expert for $575 a month

At Backed-By, we assign real and niche-trained experts to ensure effective ad management, no matter the market direction.

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Hello there,

I am Soorej, I’ve been in the publishing game for a while now. I got started with KDP publishing back in 2017 and since then, I’ve generated over 2 million dollars in revenue.

With 6 years of experience in Amazon advertising, I’ve developed a deep understanding of the platform and how to effectively utilise it to scale up a business.

I’ve got a great team behind me, who are constantly updating the skillset and figuring out effective tactics to generate better results.

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Managed by the same team that propelled our brand to heights

A team that’s seasoned, successful, and deeply invested in every move we make. With BackedBy, your publishing journey is in hands that have not only mapped the route but traveled it successfully.

"Working with BackedBy has significantly improved my ad performance, reducing my ACOS from 60% to 37%. I highly recommend BackedBy."

Sarah Eberstadt

Co-Founder, Publishing Services

Scale Your Ads with Expertise

Real People, Not Just Software

Ad campaign mastery transcends algorithms, driven by the precision and insight of our experts. They navigate the digital seas with a personal touch that no algorithm can match, ensuring accountability and control—qualities faceless tools can’t provide.

With us, you’re not entrusting your ads to unaccountable software but to a team of dedicated individuals, each skilled in the art of turning clicks into conversions.

A Dedicated Ad Expert for your ads

With your dedicated ad expert at Backed-By, enjoy the benefits of personalized attention and expert oversight.

Each specialist dives deep into your account for daily monitoring and bid optimization, ensuring peak performance. Regular keyword recycling keeps your campaigns fresh and effective.

This focused approach guarantees that your Amazon ads are not just managed, but meticulously nurtured for optimal success

Direct and Transparent Communication

With Backed-By, you’re never in the dark about your campaigns—our regular, detailed communications ensure you’re always informed and empowered to make decisions.

We have a comprehensive weekly KPI tracker where you can measure the campaign’s performance and overall profit.

Beyond just updates, we establish a dedicated Slack channel for each of our clients, ensuring a regular updates

Personalised strategic discussions, and instant responses to your queries or suggestions.

Provide Strategic advice for growth

We’re constantly on the lookout for changes that can affect your book. Having spent countless hours on Amazon Ads and publishing, we can advise on topics such as:

Your Assurance of Excellence

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More Client Success Stories


CEO - Freeman Publications

“I’m incredibly grateful to BackedBy for their outstanding work in reducing my ACOS from 65% to 35% in just 4 months.”


Kindle Publisher

I’m very glad that I found out BackedBy. They did a quick turnaround for my falling ads account and ensured a great holiday sales”

Jemma Roedel

Kindle Publisher

“A huge thanks to BackedBy team for increasing my profits up to 56% within 4 months”


Kindle Publisher

“A huge thanks to BackedBy services for their excellent ad management. They are consistent and reliable with results.”


Kindle Publisher

“After signing up with BackedBy, my ACOS dropped from 75% to 32%, turning my losses into a $1,500 profit in four weeks.”


Kindle Publisher

“BackedBy Consistently maintained my ad spend lower while increasing the sales and managed to get multiple bestsellers”

Dewan Bayney

Kindle Publisher

BackedBy turned around my loss making publishing account in 2 months. From 65% Acos to 45% Acos 


Kindle Publisher

I want to thank BackedBy. They have raised my publishing game from the minor leagues to the major leagues, and I can’t thank them enough.

We have a transparent fee structure

No commission or percentage cut - no incentive to pump ads that are not profitable.

Upto 2 books


Discounted pricing

3 to 10 books


PER Assigned BOOK

More than 10 books



Every plan comes with

account manager

Available 5 days a week – you can email us or add us to slack.


Daily bid

Daily bid adjustments by a real person.

Campaign creation
+ structuring

Campaigns structured and created by Amazon Ad experts.


KPI tracking

Profit, weekly movement, ACOS and other KPIs delivered every Monday

Book launches at
no extra cost

Book launch strategies to give every new book the initial pump it needs


Quick strategic

We have a dedicated team member to be on top of changes and trends.


We work for free if you don’t get results

We firmly believe in our ability to deliver tangible results for your business. If you feel that we’re not the right fit, we offer a money-back guarantee within the first 30 days. No questions asked!

days Money Back Guarantee

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So, if you want to

All, without the need to haggle everyday with AMS for better ROI, give us a call today.

Our team

Soorej Gopi

Co-Founder, CEO

Yadukrishnan Adikal

Co-Founder, COO

Deepak Rajan

Senior Manager

Amal Chandran

Asst Manager


Senior Analyst


Senior Analyst











$250 credit on every successful referral

Know someone who could use our services? Feel free to send them our way! We’ll deduct $250 from your monthly billing if your referal stays with us for a minimum 2 months.


Ad performance isn’t just about what we do. Factors like your book’s inherent quality, its reviews, title, and even pricing play a big role – and these are elements we can’t control. Competitors might outbid you, or global events and seasonal shifts can sway customer interest. That’s the reality of the market.

We guarantee to put your interests first, always. Our strategy and processes evolve continuously, keeping pace with the market and ensuring our team is at the top of their game.

If your ads aren’t hitting the mark, it often points to needed improvements in your KDP listing – whether it’s the title, description, or customer reviews. We’re here to advise on these adjustments. Our strength lies in data analytics, but remember, the total ad performance equation includes factors beyond anyone’s control.